Beware of Dating Scams

There are several websites that offer dating services. Anyone trying to find a partner in life can register in such websites and find someone suitable. While many of these dating websites have helped several singles get suitable partners, they can never always be reliable.

Some of these dating websites do a background check on the each and every registrant. Therefore the information given in them can be trusted. However, some of the dating websites do not actually perform any kind of background checks. You can never really know if the information provided about a person is genuine or not.

Several people have fallen into traps because of blindly trusting people they find on dating websites. Scammers sometimes create false profiles on such websites. If someone gets interested in these profiles, the scammer will pretend to be head over heels in love with that person. Being carried away by romance and love, the person would believe the scammer completely. After a couple of months of being together and once the scammer is sure that he/she has earned the other person’s trust, the scammer would slowly start executing his/her plan of looting the money. On the pretence of a family member being seriously ill in another part of the world, or they themselves having to pay off some debt, they will start eliciting money from the innocent victim, who overcome by love will not even check to verify whether what’s being said is true or not. And once the scammer has leeched out enough money from the victim, they would dump them, leaving them broke and (heart)broken.

Thus, as soon as you find an interesting profile on a dating website, first do a background check on the person. You can start by doing a reverse phone number lookup, just to verify whether the person is really what he/she is claiming to be. This is especially needed for women, in-order to ensure physical safety.

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