Charity Related Phone Scams

Charity related phone scams are a very powerful technique that scammers adopt to loot money from innocent, benevolent people. It is quite easy for fraudsters to cook up a tale which can be really heart touching, that can make anyone donate their money for supposed charity.

The scammer might give a call saying that he is calling from an orphanage which has shortage of funds and hence the children can’t get a decent square meal a day. The victim can easily be overcome with empathy for the children and can end up parting with precious money which might actually be misused by the fraudsters.

Some scammers might also narrate a tale about a person who is suffering from some grave disease and who is from a very poor family, which cannot afford the medicines and the treatment. This touching story is more than sufficient to melt the hearts of many and to get them offering their hard-earned money for a noble cause, which is in fact a scam at the core.

Then there are the texts which say, “I am an unemployed widow with 2 very young children. One of them is suffering from an ailment which needs $100000 for treatment. XYZ network provider has offered to help. If you pass this message to people, I will get 10c per text. So please pass this message to as many people as you can. Thank you very much.” These are most certainly hoax messages.

While doing charity is a very noble thing, it is essential to ensure that the purpose for which you donate your money or anything else is used for the right purpose. Never reveal sensitive and confidential data over the phone to strangers, even if they ask for it. Verify if what they’ve been mentioning is true. In case they say they are from some orphanage, verify that the particular orphanage actually exists. Even if you donate money, ensure that it is used for the betterment of the children. You can look up phone numbers with a reverse number lookup service, in-order to check if the caller is a legitimate one or not, for starters.

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  1. melissa says:

    Oh there’s no need to tell me that. I am a victim of that Donation Scam and that bastard never dare show up at my doorstep again or I’ll beat the life out of him! Called me first to explain who he was and what we has calling for. Said his name was Kenneth, a representative of Make a Wish Foundation, and that he’s reaching out to people who’d help support their cause. Even said any amount will be sufficient to help those kids they have under their care. And that if I intend to donate, he warned me not to give out my credit card information just yet. He wished to visit me in my house so I’d know for sure he’s real and not a scam. And I was like, maybe this man is legit. So I let him visit me, donated money and felt good about being able to help. I’ve forgotten about the whole thing until the local police set out a warning about a scam artist asking for donations and visiting homes. And then there was Kenneth’s phone number posted. Can you believe that? And he was bold enough to show me his face!

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