Fraud Calls Made for Pizza Home Delivery

Several Pizza shops and eateries offer home delivery services to their customers these days. Some of these outlets also have offers saying that the home delivery should happen within a specified time, after the order has been placed. In case the food does not arrive within the stipulated time, the customer can have it for free.

Using this offer to their advantage, some pranksters, call such food shops and place an order for home delivery. They then give wrong directions to their house. The delivery boy goes in circles trying to locate the house, and fails to deliver on time. Thus, ending up giving the deliverables to the customer for free. In certain cases, the pranksters might even give a different address. Once the delivery boy reaches the place, he gets to know that the people residing at the specified address have not ordered for the pizza at all.

In-order to keep up customer goodwill, many of these shops do not complain. Neither do they take any action against such customers. However, it would be quite useful for these shops to first use the phone number of the calling customer to identify the exact location of the house, before setting forth on the delivery mission. Reverse phone lookup services can be of use in such instances.

Shops can use phone number lookup services to find the exact location of the house. The shops can always confirm with the customer if he/she is calling from the same place that the delivery is to be made. Also, in cases of pranks where incorrect addresses have been given, a phone number lookup can help identify who the prankster is, and appropriate action can be taken against him or her.

Thus, phone number lookup is a great means of helping you save plenty of bucks (spent on the food and fuel) and time.

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