Get-Rich-Soon Phone Scams

The words “Get Rich” sound so enticing, that anyone can get mesmerized by the mere utter of these words. Lo and behold! The scammers have thus found yet another means of tricking people into giving them money, unknowingly.

This is how the scam is executed:-
The trickster makes a call to a prospective victim. The trickster very smartly does some thorough research on the victim prior to making the call. Those people are chosen, who are in desperate need of money or a job. The plotter then offers the victim some scheme which has very little to invest, and loads to gain. This scheme is usually about some magic, get-rich-soon formula, which is available for a very low price. With just an initial payment of a small amount, the fraudster promises that it can work wonders and help the victim make plenty of money over a short span of time. The fraudster sounds so convincing that the victim immediately falls in the well conspired plot. Sometimes the victim might even reveal confidential data like bank details and credit card number to the fraudster. He will also end up subscribing or buying the supposed magic formula, only to realize later that it was all a hoax.

Get rich quickly schemes are most often scams, which are intended to loot people. Magic formulae seldom work. The only formula that does is smart and hard work. So never get carried away by such promises that sound too good to be true.

In case you do get such calls from marketers, you can always perform a reverse phone lookup on their phone numbers to get to know who they really are. A background check using their telephone numbers can give you plenty of details which can help you analyze whether the caller is a genuine marketer or a fraudster.

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  1. Jane Sy says:

    Thanks for the heads up! This information helps update people about the nature of the scam. It’s always a good thing to know ahead. Better safe than sorry. This is why I always go visit Callercenter to get updates, too. And if I get any suspicious calls, I’d report that to the site, too.

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