Ring Tone Scams

Having the latest music as ring tones is a trend among people, especially the youth. Ring tones are supposed to reflect personality. So the music from popular artists and musicians become ring tones of their fans. Scammers have thus found green pastures in these areas, and have ventured to profit from them illegally.

This is what they do:- They might send a text message asking the recipient to dial some particular sequence of numbers and special characters, in-order to activate some ring tone. In certain cases, they also make phone calls to give this particular sequence. Be wary of such messages and calls.

The sequence of numbers and special characters given might sometimes be meant to activate a certain service on your mobile phone, rather than the ring tone. The service thus activated might be an expensive one and might cause your mobile phone bill to sky-rocket to large figures. Sometimes you might not even be aware that the service has been activated on your cell phone. You might get to know of it only when your hefty mobile bill arrives. And on certain occasions, you might not even be able to stop the service.

Therefore, do not dial sequences of numbers and special characters that the messages and calls from unknown sources, give you. You can reverse phone lookup the phone numbers in case of suspicion, to verify whether the source is trustworthy or not. Also, in case you have dialed the said sequence and you’re ring tone did not get activated, then call your mobile service provider and ask them if any unwanted service has been activated on your cell.

You need to be extra cautious when you are asked to pay for some ring tone. Unless it is a trusted source, do not proceed to pay the caller. They might only be waiting to get the money from you. Once they do, there might be no sign of the caller nor the ring tone.

Here are a few details to pay attention to when you want to download ring tones:-

  • People are asked to visit a website from where they can easily download ring tones. Check the terms and conditions before downloading anything. There might be a clause by which you might be bound to pay some monthly fee.
  • Sometimes downloading a ringtone from some website might automatically make you a member of some club. The ring tone by itself would have been free, but the membership to the club might come for a fee. And this fee might automatically appear in your credit card statement. Therefore reading the terms and conditions is always important.

Stay informed. Stay safe.

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