Telemarketing Scams

Telemarketing fraud phone calls are quite common these days. The scam-caller usually mentions that he’s calling on behalf of some XYZ company, which might not be existent, or from a company or brand who’s products/services you’re using. Some of these callers will also mention that you have won a cash prize and that they need your bank details to send you the money. They might even try to sell you something over the phone, like an investment or insurance policy with high interest rates, or they might offer a highly enticing deal, which sounds too good to be true.

The golden rule which everyone must know is – ‘not to reveal your confidential information like bank account number, credit card number and the like to anyone who calls you asking for such information’.

Here are a few tips on how you can identify a fraud telemarketing call:-

  • The caller will tell you about an offer which might sound too attractive to be true. Let’s face it. Every offer comes with some catch. So if you feel that the offer being given sounds unbelievably good, then it most probably is a fraud.
  • The fraudster will tell you that the company whose services you’re availing has picked up your name at a lucky draw and to claim your gift you might have to reveal some sensitive personal data, like SSN, date of birth and so on.
  • The swindler might also ask for your confidential data for verification purposes. Remember that for any kind of verification, apart from the authorized bank, none else will need your bank details or credit card number.
  • The caller might ask you to make a decision immediately. The offer being really enticing, most people will immediately fall prey to this kind of scam, and will do exactly what the scammer says, thus ending up duped.
  • The scammer will keep probing and forcing you into accepting the offer, despite you denying the first few times. The caller will compel the victim to such an extent that he might land up obeying the scammer.

Generally, any company that is providing you with an offer will give you complete details of the offer and will also give you the option of choosing whether you’d want to take it up or not. Payments are almost always backed up by proper receipts. And in today’s world, most trusted brands and companies will mention about their special offers on their official websites or social network accounts.

In case you do get a call and if you get suspicious about it, do not reveal any personal data, but try and get as much identification as possible from the caller. One reverse phone lookup and you can identify who the caller is and take appropriate action.
In case you want to stop getting telemarketing calls, you can always register with the National Do Not Call Registry. You can as well register with your State’s Do Not Call list, of one is available. Additionally, you can even register with do not call lists of specific companies. Even after all these registrations if you still get telemarketing calls, then you can even complain to the FCC.

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